Specialised Workshops

At Larne Coachworks we pride ourselves in having a range of specialised work areas, designed to make the complete repairs process run smoothly, more consistently, and to assure us of following all stringent procedures that our Approval Bodies and Computerised Management Systems require us to adhere to.

This assures you, the customer, of a very high quality of workmanship, a guarantee to meet deadlines and a high level of consistency in our workmanship which we can easily stamp with our normal post-repair guarantee.

We have specialist areas set aside, with specialist machinery to perform specific tasks, such as:

  • Designated workflow parking areas for ease of vehicle workflow
  • Paint Spraying and Drying in our Spray Ovens
  • Aluminium Working in our specific Aluminium Workshop
  • 4-Wheel Alignment System
  • Headlamp Alignment System
  • Specific Workbenches for prep and welding work
  • etc

Below is a gallery showing some of our work areas and showing our commitment to providing a quality solution.  Please note, hovering your mouse over each will provide a brief description.

Working Parts at specific WorkbenchPreparing Panels and Spot Welding at specific WorkbenchMig Welding a Sill Section

Cleaning and Refurb'ing an Alloy WheelOur specific Aluminium BayPolishing after Repairs

Prep work prior to spraying in our Bodyshop Spraying OvensSpraying a panel in our Bodyshop Spraying OvenWorkshop overview showing Paint Spraying Oven

4-Wheel Alignment Measuring System4-Wheel Alignment Measuring SystemOverview of Workshop showing workflow of vehicles

Prep Working a PanelAluminium Bay specifically for all Aluminium WorkWorking a rim in Aluminium BayHeadlamp Alignment System

Work carried out for...