Kitemark PAS 125 - Confidence in the safety of your vehicle

Kitemark PAS 125 Vehicle Body RepairWhen your vehicle goes in for body repair, you need to feel confident that the repair is carried out to the highest standards so that the vehicle maintains its pre-crash integrity and helps protect the lives of those inside.

So put your mind at rest, look for the KitemarkTM!

When a car goes into a bodyshop that has the kitemark for Vehicle Body Repair, you can feel reassured that whatever the type of repair needed, from minor bumps to serious re-building, the repair quality will be to the highest and safest standards.

So what does the Kitemark mean?

The Kitemark is one of the UK's most respected certification marks and is well established and respected in the automotive sector.  The Kitemark offers many benefits, including:

  • Instant Recognition: Surveys found that over 91% of the UK adult population recognise the Kitemark as a symbol of quality and safety.
  • Service Quality: Kitemark certification is voluntary - so companies who achieve it are making a public commitment to the quality of their repair.
  • Purchasing Confidence: Peace of mind that the work has been carried out correctly and safely.
  • Ongoing Reassurance: To ensure continued compliance with the Kitemark standards, a BSI assessor regularly assess the company throughout the year.

Larne Coachworks receive their Kitemark PAS 125 Pass Certificate from John Shannon, of Larne Traders ForumKey Features

The Kitemark scheme for Vehicle Body Repair covers a variety of aspects, which include:

  • Equipment: Suitable equipment is used to undertake the repairs.
  • Methods: Correct repair methods must be used.
  • Staff Training: Technicians must be properly trained and currently competent.
  • Inspection: Checks that work has been completed to the required standard.
  • Material Quality: Checks to ensure all materials meet the required quality standards.

What does the Kitemark Vehicle Body Repair scheme mean for you?

The Kitemark is the UK's most trusted certification mark and has helped protect consumers for over 100 years.  When taking your vehicle to a Kitemark bodyshop, you can be sure of:

  • Trust: that your vehicle has been repaired to the highest standards.
  • Safety: you will know that your car will give you the same protection as it did before the accident.
  • Quality: you will know that your car has been repaired using the right materials and processes.
  • Consistency: in the quality and reliability of the repair work.
  • Satisfaction: through outstanding customer service.
  • Honesty: an open and fair service every time.

Larne Coachworks Limited are fully accredited by Kitemark, PAS 125, Vehicle Body Repair and we strive for consistency in our repairs, regardless of size and complexity.

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